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X Bug

Post by Darko »

When i browsing channels on our page, i see this on channel #teens.

Registered on Mar 05 2001 22:42:01 CSST
Channel Created: Jan 01 1970 01:03:20 CSST
Last Change: Jan 03 2009 05:53:03 CSST

What mean this: "Channel Created: Jan 01 1970 01:03:20 CSST"
Undernet is created before 70`s ? :baaa:

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Post by Mitko »

The "Channel Created" info is when the channel was created. You can also see it by "/mode #channel". That was an ircu issue, not X bug.
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Post by xplora »

hmmm I thought I had replied to this 12 hours ago, when I split the topic out, basically it just means the channel has never done /msg x set #channel mode, which tells X to save the channel modes, this includes the channel created timestamp.
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